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Virtual Assistant Services

Don’t see what you need? No problem. Just ask.
So that I can effectively manage my time and you can plan your budget,
all services are month-to-month, requiring an auto-debit.


Business Tasks


So exactly what types of things can I ask a virtual assistant to do for me? Here’s some great examples to get you thinking.

  • My inbox is out of hand! Could you go my emails and answer the general ones from last week? Also, flag the ones that need my immediate attention in red. Those that can wait until later, in blue.

  • I’ve got so much going on right now! Can you set up my projects in Asana and assign tasks to the key players?

  • I'm delivering training in ID north of downtown Boise for three weeks beginning Jan 28th through Feb 15th. I'm thinking it would be nicer to stay in a vacation rental property within a 20-30 minute drive of the client site 1234 Anywhere St. Boise, ID. Can you identify some possible places for me to stay within the following criteria...

  • Copy the info from these PDFs into a spreadsheet.

  • I need to submit a list of training coaches and their certifications to my client. Please put this together in a spreadsheet and add it to Google Drive.

  • We need to hire several new employees. I would like for you to sort through the applicants from the ad, call & screen those that sound promising. Then, for those you think are qualified, set them up for an in-person, group interview on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30a.

  • Here are my receipts from my recent business trip. Put them in Expensify and create an invoice to bill the client.

  • I’m just starting out with employees. I need you to compile an employee handbook.

  • Sarah and I have been working on some projects through Dropbox. I completed some edits today and need to have those uploaded to the shared folder marked "Sarah’s Bakery drafts." The files I need to upload are in my email and are dated with yesterday's date; could you upload them for me?

  • Research respectful management in the workplace for my next book. Send me links to articles and websites you find, that would be helpful.

  • It’s time to do 1099’s. You have access to our QB Online. Print those and mail them by Jan 31.

  • The credit card and bank statements have arrived. Reconcile each of them in Quickbooks.

  • We use Sure Payroll. Process our bi-weekly payroll to pay our employees on Friday.

  • Our company needs a new brand. Compile a list of 5 marketing agencies that specialize in small business rebranding and that have in house graphic artists for logos and collateral.


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